Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Happy 29th!!!

The kitchen started heating up at 8 in the morning
as Rica and I prepared for my birthday lunch with our family.

Now, ask me if I have noodles in the menu. Well, there was none for lunch
... but we had some during breakfast.

Introducing - Lucky Me Lusog Sarap Nutrition Noodles - in "Beef na Beef Flavor"...for Long Life!
Pinoys can't really get away with it huh!? Tayo pa! Kahit anong noodles
basta meron lang pang long-life! ;-)

And honestly, I was a bit too lazy to cook pasta or pancit. Sorry!

My hubby Archie, Rica and I have been brainstorming for hours on what to cook.

So finally we came up with the following:

Clam Soup (Halaan)
Rica's Chicken in Butter Mushroom Sauce (yummy!)
Beef Sanggupsal
Crab Maritess
Baked Tahong Pie
German Beer for the Boys ;-)

For dessert, we attempted to make Tyler Florence's "The Ultimate Cheesecake"

It is indeed a "project" that we have been dreaming about for quite a while, mind you.

The cheesecake was close to success but since time was the enemy, it wasn't served on that day. We learned that it can take lots and lots of hours to make it firm - on the fridge.

So now we know better!

So therefore we feasted on it the next day! Yey!! :-) Here ya go:

The blueberry topping has been waiting for me for months in the freezer, so with that, after defrosting, I had to caramelize it again on low heat with a few teaspoons of white sugar
and ta-dahhh! It's as if it was just poured out from the can!

Thanks to my family for sharing the day with me and for enjoying the food!

You are always what I consider the "Satisfied Customers"
so... "Thank you, please come again!"

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