Thursday, June 4, 2009

Focaccia Fantasia!

Isa na yata akong panadera.. A feeling gourmet panadera HAHA!

I have been fantasizing on making homemade bread for quite sometime and have been dreaming to dare to bring it to reality! So my friends, this-is-really-is-it!!!

I was doing the Ini mini miny
moe between baking focaccia bread or baking pan de sal. Well..the pan de sal recipe requires a lot of flour...AND EFFORT.

But it was such a blessing in disguise that I have an excuse not to make the latter as I only have a couple of cups of flour left in the pantry.

So the pan de sal will be done next next time. (ah.. eh.. next time = sa susunod na sweldo! and if the effort is already there!HA!)

As mentioned before, I am really not a "measure" person, learned from my family to go by my instincts when cooking - by the taste, by the smell, by the look. But for baking - sabi nga ni Lolo Wolfgang Puck sa Lifestyle Network: "Baking is like architecture, you have to measure every singel thing...(lah-lah-lah)..or the building will crumble and it will all fall down!" - something to that effect. I really cannot remember all. Hmph.

So be it.

Since I really really wanna make home made bread, I have no choice but to measure. :)

I got the Focaccia Bread Recipe here. And the kneading how-to here. Thanks thanks!

Tic-tac-tic-tac...looking at the kitchen clock. Dug-dug, dug-dug, tigidig, tigidig - My heart was beating faster. I was just so nervous. Wondering what will happen to my first ever homemade bread!

So with a deep breath, I opened the oven and made a not so loud sigh and placed the pan on the cutting board.

Ready with my bread knife, I said to myself, it's the moment of truth!

Hmmm... smells goooood! Eh, may chance naman pala! :-) I guess, I can say, this an OK result for a first time bread maker, huh? Wat u tink guysh?

Just serve it warm and dip it in a mix of Olive Oil, Balsamic Vinegar, a little of salt and pepper, Parmesan cheese and assorted herbs. Maybe next time I will have sundried tomatoes to go with it or any other dip I fancy.

SupeRoss, what's the dip called? Sorry Marce, I can't remember it anymore! Please refresh my memory! Thanks!

For our dip at home, I used the dried herbs from McCormick Basil leaves, Rosemary, Marjoram and Oregano for the herbs. If you have the "Italian Seasoning" from McCormick, then it's good to use it too!

Yeah, who ain't dreaming of an herb garden someday! I know!
If you have fresh herbs right under your nose, go go go ahead and use 'em! ;-)

Baking bread is a fun and fulfilling experience. I am looking forward to making some more soon! Kahit anong tinapay!

I can say it is an achievement when you see the smile on your husband's face and hear him say "Wow, fresh bread!
Ang galing mo mommy!" hehe, *kinilig naman ako!*

My little Javier just can't get enough of it and he keeps on saying "Bhed! Bhed!" (Bulol pa siya --- but yes he meant,
bread! bread!)

And my house angels loved it too! Excited narin sila mag bake bake-an! Why not dabah!??

So there you go! No more need for Italiannis or any Italian resto when you crave for this kind of bread!

Yeah baby, home is where it's at!

Note: Hi Rain! Suuuuper thanks for teaching me the "linking process"! Oh my goodness I'm such a neophyte blogger! ;-)
Baka ma-addict ako sa pag link link! Hehe! Thank you, thank you!


  1. haha i love the focaccia and Zatar combination at cafe ysabel:D i want to try this marce..m sure masarap talaga to..kaw pah! pero walang oven sa new "home" hehehe..thanks ulit for the housewarming present:) labs you!mmwahh:x

  2. Mukhang ok to...siguro parang "bread pa lang, ulam na" ang dating...pwede siguro ito lang ang supper...

  3. Hi ross! you're welcome! kahit sa turbo, you can make this!

    Hi manang! thank you! yes pwedeng pwede as an alternative for the dinner roll! thanks for dropping by!