Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Mama's Boy

Whoa!!! It's almost MARCH?!! And I said I will write often! Now what on earth have I been busy with?

Having a 2 year old is one of the things that's keeping my day action-packed. It's just a surprise my little boy suddenly became really
really clingy. Yah you can say that again, like BOOM!

Me time" is currently not so used in my book right now - my me time a.k.a. blog time, reading, watching TV or DVDs, other errands and the list goes on and on...

As for
"Us time", Archie and I see to it that we have that no matter what happens! ;)

Javie is now on his "mommy addict" mode. It' on-going for the past 7 weeks. He somewhat developed this strong sense of time that he knows when I am about to start work and when I should be back. He follows me almost everywhere I go. He rants when he could not see a morsel of me. It's really cute as he looks and sounds funny when he looks for me. I find it cuter when I see his delight when he finds me. He giggles, jumps/skips and says "Mommyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!" As if I was a balikbayan who didn't come home for years!

Though during the "rush hours" here (rush hours at home - this term I learned from my friend Sally), it can be itty bitty frustrating.

As told by relatives and an online source, having a clingy toddler is natural and common. So Archie, I and the Ates are trying our best to make things work for all of us and make Javie understand that Mommy needs to be
just a bit away for a while! And the "a bit away" I am talking about my dear party people is just being one room away from his room. For the benefit of your imagination, okay, I counted the steps from my work area to the doorstep of his room, it's roughly 10 steps away. Malayo ba? :P

We are really finding ways on how to manage/deal with it positively! We just really hope that soon, Javie will be a bit "OK" if I or Archie will be away for just a while, that we won't have to sneak out and that his Ates, his toys, crayons and pens will suffice and keep him busy and happy.

Sometimes, I miss the little freedom of doing what I like in my own time and pace. I miss putting check marks on my To-do list. And yah-I miss cleaning up my brows twice a week. Which now, I can only do once a week! *LOL*

Earlier I said that he follows me almost everywhere I go: So name it. bathroom, bedroom, work area, garden and yes, you guessed it right, in the kitchen.

Before he is already satisfied by simply watching me cook. Now, he wants to do what Mommy is doing:

Or at least close enough...

HEhehehehehe. NOw should I buy him his small kitchen gadgets?

But you see, I won't have it any other way. I know in the future things will change and he will not be this way again. So I am savoring this time :)

That's my cute, clingy, sweet and funny little boy.

Just a little mommy moment :)


  1. Hi Jamimay Jamanda,

    This is very touching. Love na love kasi si Mommy! At ang line na "Sometimes, I miss the little freedom of doing what I like in my own time and pace" ay diretso sa esophagus papuntang puso.

    May bago ng Batas! Si Javie na. :)

  2. Jam,

    Thanks for the email.

    That is so cute...I think I miss the times when my boys were so clingy...now they are at the age when being with ma and pa is just so NOT COOL. As soon as we get to the school or mall, it's like we became magnet of the same poles so we REPEL. Para bang naging motto nila..."Don't let your friends see you with your parents..."

    Enjoy while it lasts. It can seem dragging right now, but when your baby turns to teen, you will start to wonder "Where have all the years gone?"

  3. hi ate mori, thanks! truly makabagbag damdamin talaga. nakakaloka pero napakasarap. enjoy potling in every nano second of your time with her. i mishu! i love your blog! :)

    hi manang! you're most welcome! thank you as well for your words of wisdom. oh my i wonder how Javie will be like in his teens, in his generation! it's scaring me! and yes, i will enjoy these bittersweet crazy dragging moments! Cheers! :)