Sunday, May 16, 2010

Adobo Flakes and Blog's 1st Birthday!

It was just last year when The Happy Tummy Kitchen blog was born. And my first entry? Adobo. So how about paying tribute to my all time favorite dish on my blog's first birthday? This time, it's all flaked up! I have been experimenting on adobo flakes for quite sometime and thought I have figured out an easy way to do it - without having to use forks and fingers to flake the meat.

I prefer to use pork as most would use chicken for adobo flakes. I use the big pork cuts from the grocery - either Lomo or Kasim, boil them or pressure cook them first to make them really really tender, drain the liquid (store stock/broth for future use in freezer) then start cooking your adobo, the way you like it, just simmer until it becomes a little dry, mix, mix, mix and press the meat with your cooking spoon/cucharon. If the meat is really tender, it will eventually loosen up and become thready/flaky and will fry in its own oil :)

You might also want to try the sandwich version. Just ready 2 bread slices: layer 1 slice, then put mayo side up, adobo flakes, 1 lettuce leaf , about 2 tomato slices, then 1 slice of bread with mayo spread side down... then potato chips on the side. Lovely. :)

Sharing with you a photo of my sandwich, back in 2008:

Yep, that's moi!

How time flies! It has been 365 days since I started this little hobby. I wish I could have shared more during the past months. Forgive me for my promises were broken, my goal of reaching a hundred recipes in 1 year - gone with with wind hehehe but it's not over of course! For now,there are just so many things to take care of. I do wish that soon when all things fall into place, there will be much more time again to doodle my little dishes-worth-sharing-with-you :)

Thank you to the amazing bloggers who have been my source of inspiration and got my drive to start my own food journal. And to my good friends who drop by, thank you so kindly! :)

See you soon! :)


  1. happy anniversary happy tummy:)

  2. Happy anniversary on your blog jammy!

  3. happy anniversary sa nakakatakam at nagpapa-happy hormones na blog ni jamimay! uy, yung pangako mo ha? pupunta ka rito! (kulot)

  4. Happy Anniversary Mimay :) Posted a new blog as well, a collection of my Sunday Recipes you can visit it as well and try out some of the recipes there :)

  5. hello friends, thank you for the greetings! :) glad to be back here! :)

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  7. Hi lydia, thanks a lot for visiting and for your suggestion! :) happy holidays to you! :)