Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Puto Bumbong: A Maskipaps Moment

I know that the countdown begins when the calendar hits the BER month. But please allow me to start now - We are 120 days away 'til Simbang Gabi and we are 129 days away from Christmas. Forgive me for I had a sudden craving for Puto Bumbong last weekend and I really wanna have some so bad that I could not wait for simbang gabi to arrive.

I do not have the luxury of making an authentic puto bumbong, however. That is why the title of this post has "A Maskipaps moment" - Maski paps, meaning Maski Papano. Hehehe. Desperate times call for desperate measures? ;)

As we all know, the authentic way to do it is putting purple colored ground glutinous rice (galapong), or pirurutong rice into bamboo tubes, then placing them on top of a special/custom-made steamer called "lansungan". I would love to try this out soon. First, I would need to get a hold of that special apparatus. Hmm.. maybe I can check out our market?

So anyways, for more information about our authentic puto bumbong, you can check out this video and this site :) Cool eh?! :)

Now, for this UNauthentic one (hehe).. but still very satisfying!

Here's how to make the maskipaps version of our country's Puto Bumbong, in case you will have a desperate moment like moi:

- 2 packs of Malagkit Powder, more or less about 1/4 kilo
(It's available in the baking section of your supermarket, if it's not there, don't be afraid to ask your friendly attendant!)

- Water (prepare about 1 1/2 cups)

- about 6 tbps Violet food coloring (depends on you if you want it darker or lighter!)
- about 1/4 tsp Pandan Essence

The Way:

Put the malagkit powder in a bowl then add water little by little until it achieves a doughy or clayish consistency. Then add the coloring and the pandan essence. Mix and knead very well.

With your clean hands, grab about a spoon full or 2 from the purple dough and shape it like the shape of the real puto bumbong (so it's about 2 to 3 inches long and about 1/2 inch for its diameter...ulk, Geometry!)

When you're done, drop them in boiling water and wait until they float. Then scoop them out with a slotted spoon and drain very well. (This is the same as cooking palitaw)

After draining, roll them in grated fresh coconut, then serve with butter and muscovado sugar.

Making this improvised puto bumbong is very fun and relaxing! Thanks to my Ate Jeng who taught me how to do this! :) Thanks as well to our neighboor who is always willing to give me banana leaves!

This is dedicated to a great friend who loooves puto bumbong...

Happy Birthday, Ross! Mwah! :)

August 21 2009 Addendum: I was almost half asleep while doing this post, but just quick a note. With regard to the texture, it's the same as the palitaw or bilo bilo in your ginataan. Of course, the authentic one is still the best ;)


  1. super thank you marce:) really love puto bumbong and cant wait to try this one...

  2. I would like to cook this too but I don't have the lansungan. I have pirurutong (sweetened black rice)...

    I might try this one and see if it will satisfy the craving come Christmas time...buhay nga naman...kaka-miss ang Pinas!

  3. jaaaam!! thanks for posting this! hindi lang ikaw at si ross ang nag cre crave ng puto bumbong..pucha! buong taon ko tong hinahanap hanap! thanks beh!! love it talaga!

  4. thanks ross, thanks pau! try it and hopefully it can help. Pero let's still AIM for the authentic one as soon as we get that gadget! hehehe!

    hi manang! thanks for visiting! maybe you and your hubby can make an improvised lansungan by using a tin can (like from a big can of cooking oil) and put some holes on the bottom where you can put the bamboo tubes.. something like that? otherwise, i'm thinking, baka pwede if you can put the pirurutong in the bamboo tube and steam it using a regular or bamboo steamer? wat u tink? :)