Friday, September 18, 2009

Siomai House - My one true dumpling love

Commercial muna tayo.... I'm hungry and it's late :(

This isn't paid advertising. But if they come across this entry, I hope they can give me 1 year supply or maybe a lifetime supply of their very delicious, succulent, juicy, mouth-watering Siomai!

I have eaten tons of siomai from different stalls or restos in my lifetime and I never really "patronized" any of them. But after trying Siomai House, I can definitely say they can count on my loyalty for life.

I never liked "chilli" in my dumplings, but Siomai House made the difference and it totally changed my outlook about adding some spice to my food.

During mealtime you would see a lot of people lining up in their stall/kiosk. That's how good it is.

Their chilli-garlic sauce is superb and different from the rest!

And I bet you my last 25 centavo you will either get another order or have a take out.

4 pieces of Siomai for only
25.00 php. Yup. Great, right?

Me? I can eat 8 pieces in just one sitting..or standing...and take home 32 pieces for 200.00php.

Di naman ako adik noh?

And take note, their siomai is actually a bit bigger than the others' siomai size.

Sonia says, "parang puto!" Hehehe.

They also sell Gulaman as refreshment, for only (drumrolls please!) 8.00 php!

So affordable, right!?

If you had a loooooooooooong day just like mine, don't you wish you can eat something you really want right at this very moment?


If only I can have you for my midnight snack... Maybe tomorrow. Or the weekend.

I wish I can provide all the branches of Siomai House in the Metro here. In the meantime, here's a list of the Siomai House stall/kiosk locations I am aware of:

Robinson's Metro East
Libis (foodcourt beside Piandre)
MRT stations
Marikina Public Market

I will update this list when I get more info : )

Goodnight everyone!


  1. Oh so true Mimay! I'm addicted to Siomai House myself! Super sarap! Love the chili-garlic sauce. And I don't really mind if I have to stand in line and eat it standing. It's all worth it.

  2. hi ate i! thanks a lot for visiting! Korek! it's aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaall worth it! :) sarap sarap! :)

  3. Hello
    Hey I also like chili-garlic sauce of Siomai.Its very spicy and yummy in taste.I must say its taste is really very much different from others.Sometimes I am also addicted for it.


  4. hi sandra! i agree! hope to experiment on this one at home very soon! :)