Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Ube Roll Cake - An attempt.

I have been dying to try this recipe of Kusina ni Manang for the longest time. I have waited for my Dad to arrive from his Baguio trip so that I could have Baguio Made Ube Halaya. MMMMmmmmm. Yum. (tapos, gawa pala sa Cubao at dinala lang ng Baguio eh?!! Joke!)

Just a brief background: I-HEART-UBE. Especially UBE Cakes - wherever it's from I don't mind. I like buying Ube Rolls from neighboorhood bakeries. My Dad brings me Ube Rolls in some of his visits. Hihihi.

To my dear Manang Kusinera - thanks for sharing your recipe! It was a blast! I super enjoyed making it. Though I goofed on the chiffon/sponge part, like I told you, the filling and icing took away my frustration in an instant!

Just to let you know, Manang's filling/icing recipe is the best by far. The combination of Ube and Cream Cheese made the difference. It was 'heavenly' for me. No exag, promise!

My Boo-boos on the cake roll:

1. I used a jelly roll pan (12X16) larger than the the size indicated in the recipe. My supposed roll became quite flat.

- It was the closest one to the size in the recipe (15X10). The other pan available is waaaay too small.

Gintong Aral - Huwag magmadali. Maghanap ng kaparehong sukat ng pan. Lookie down!

2. My first time to use egg whites in cake: Beat egg whites until stiff.

My egg whites never went 'really' stiff. I think I started whipping it when it was still cold.

Pers taym eh!


Manang said:
Best to whip whites when they are room temp.
And this.

Sorryyyy! I was tooooooooo excited. Really. Just like what i said here about Tyler Florence's Ultimate Cheesecake: Now I know better. :P

The sponge instead became moist and heavy and definitely not like what Manang has perfected.

Nonetheless, it was all good - according to my friendly testers ;) Thank you guysh!

I will make this again and again until I get it and because I will never get tired of ube cake. Especially Manang's recipe! :)

'Till my next attempt! :)


  1. ang sarap sarap talaga nito marce!!! pahingi ulit!:D

  2. Hi Jam,
    Sorry galing ako sa trabaho...medyo antok pa nga..
    Bigla naman akong natakam nang makita ko to. Haha!

    Me na-try din akong recipe non using a bigger pan, talagang nag-flat at medyo toasted, pero masarap. Pumpkin roll yung ginawa ko nun, after which I made up my mind to try converting it to ube cake roll.

    Thanks sa praises. Kakataba ng puso.

    Nabanggit mo na yung combi ng ube at cream cheese is the best, in my post on basic ube halaya, I mentioned at the bottom of the post that if you want a creamy unforgettable special ube halaya, mix half of plain ube halaya with half of cream cheese filling. Grabe, sinasabi ko sa yo, di tatantanan ng friends mo yan pag natikman nila! Na-addict ako nun! Imbes na butter and isasapal ko sa ube haleya, hahaluan ko nun cream cheese filling (me sobra kasi ako nun), tapos i-microwave ko to reheat, sabay mix. By the time ready na kainin, mapapapikit ka talaga sa sarap! Pwera buhat ng sariling bangko!

  3. Hi marceng ross, thanks talga! i owe it to manang! will make one for you again! :)

    Hi manang! thanks for dropping by and for the recipe of course! Sige i will try that ube + ube & cream cheese filling! i have another bottle in the fridge! yey! It's true, dun palang sa filling, winner na talaga! thanks again! :)

  4. hi there

    i also used manang's recipe for my ube cake (didn't use a jelly pan) but it turned out quite good. :)


  5. hi steph, thanks for visiting! don't we just love manag's recipe??! :) maybe i won't use a jelly roll pan the next time and try it out in a diff pan! :)