Saturday, July 11, 2009

Archie's Home Made Lemon Mojito

This is hubby's first contribution to this blog. I would be very much pleased if he is the one writing this because it was he who made this drink anyway!! But right at this very moment, he would rather enjoy his home service massage! Blehhh! :P

This is just a sneak peek of what we and our friends are planning out for our next monthly general meeting, the weekend after next. The theme: Latino Night.

Hubby is very happy to have his mini bar and have started planning out his drinks and mixes since we moved in here last year. He has been obsessed with Mojito and he has now
finally gotten his dream of making his own. Good job, honey! :-)

Status quo: instead of lime, we had lemons from last weekend's grocery, instead of crushed ice, we had ice cubes. The essentials are with us, thank God!: mint leaves, powdered sugar, Sprite and the BACARDI!

No muddler? We used the end of the handle of our wooden spoon. Otherwise you can use your wooden pestle or the back of a spoon.

This home made Mojito is not possible without the help of this recipe, this recipe and this video. Thank you! :-)



  1. yan naman! pati si hubby ah! love the mojitos at AGAVE sa shang..try niyo rin:)
    i always watch din "great cocktails" sa lifestyle channel..wala lang kakaaliw..nandun mga history ng mga whiskey and all..and pano maging "great" cocktail mixer hehehe

  2. thanks marce! ma try nga yung sa agave when we go to shang! huhu marce wala kaming lifestyle network! alam mo namana ng cable namin! :D lol