Saturday, July 4, 2009

Mango Cream Pie

For a change, I waved TTFN (tata for now!) to the hanging
B-A-N-A-N-A-S and said hellerr
to the pretty mangoes sitting on the fruit stall.

Suki! Matamis ya-an! (Those are sweet!) said the lady. Ok, she got me there!

Matamis ya-an! was from a tv commercial back in the '90s. I forgot what the product was though. Since then, fruit vendors have used it as one of their selling spiels!

This Mango Cream Pie has been a family favorite since God knows when. I could say the recipe has improved over the years based from our experiences in making it almost all the time.

From whole grahams, condensed milk and big slices of mangoes (plus pineapples!) to adding heavy cream, bananas, nuts and fruit cocktail. Fruit Galore!

Thanks to MY San for selling crushed grahams. At least we need not exert a lot of effort in crushing those whole graham crackers like we used to, through our mortar and pestle or batong panghilod (LOL) and I have, unfortunately have almost crushed my thumb several times because of this. Well, let's add carelessness to that!

I am proud to say that I have made a pretty small-small amount of fortune with this cream pie (aka "ref cake"), way back when salary was not enough for a young lady's lifestyle, living in the south, maintaining an old car with premium gasoline, paying toll fee to and fro, working in the Makati CBD....blah blah blah. I could go on and on, mind you.

In other words, this Mango Cream Pie I am talking about gave me a short stint as an entrepreneur. Taking orders left and right, making them after a zombie shift, meeting the number of orders and trying to produce additional ones. Short stint it was - because it only lasted for 4 weeks.

Hindi na kinaya ng powers ko!

Though I was very happy making this for my colleagues (who were my loyal clients!) and it was fun to see them eating the cream pie in their workstations while taking calls! That time, we can still eat in the "Operations Floor" even when there was an e-Rat scare (lol).
we really didn't care.

By the way, the small-small fortune i mentioned became a nice pair of sunglasses that is rarely used. Just so you know. ;-)

Segue #2: e-Rat is our term for a roaming mouse in the office. as agents/CSRs, we were called "e-Reps". Now guess where I came from!

Okay, so back to 2009.

Once I got hold of the mangoes from the fruit stand, I had Mango Cream Pie already in mind. Oh I missed making it!

After fixing the market goodies, I got the ball rolling.

Based from experience, it is best to make the filling first before the crust. Time is of the essence.

This recipe fits into an 8in X 5in X 2in rectangular container.

For the filling, I used:

2 ripe mangoes, diced
2 packs of Nestle all purpose cream
About 6 tbsp of white sugar
(you can put less, depending on your sugar level)
a small drop of vanilla essence

mix the cream and the sugar first, make sure that the sugar has dissolved, then add the mangoes and vanilla, taste, and if it's sweet enough, cover it and chill it first for about 2 hours.

*you might want to put the white sugar little by little onto the cream mixture so that you can do the sweetness taste test!

For the crust and graham topping:

about 1 cup to 1 and a half cup of crushed MY San graham
about 2 to 3 tbsps white sugar (you can put less, depending on your sugar level)
a small pinch of salt
about half a teaspoon of cinnamon powder
about 3 to 4 tbsp melted butter (I used Magnolia's Baker's Best)

mix the dry ingredients in a bowl then create a well in the center, add the melted butter. make sure the butter is evenly distributed and as much as possible try to achieve a kind of "slightly wet and sandy" kind of crust. Just like the texture and feel of a slightly wet sand in a white beach (not the taste! LOL) *wink*

Put half of the crumbs on the bottom of a rectangular container and press it down and set aside or put it in the fridge. Set aside the other half but do not put it in the fridge. The butter will harden and it will not be easy to loosen up the crumbs for your topping. (experience said so!)

So after waiting for 48 years... just kidding.

So after waiting for an hour or two, pour the chilled mango filling onto the crusted container and smooth the top with your spoon or with a spatula if you want. Top it with the remaining crumbs and chill it one more time for at least an hour before serving.

A few of my friends like it frozen than chilled. Para daw ice cream cake!

Depends on your mood I guess!

You can add diced peach halves also and make it a Mango-Peach Cream Pie!

After chilling, serve it plain or with chocolate syrup. Just like the one on the photo! ;-)

Happy weekend! :-)

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