Friday, July 10, 2009

Good morning! :-)

Hello, Sunshine! B-)

Little J usually wakes up at 6am or half past 6.. Lucky I am if he wakes up at 7 or later than that. My normal work shift starts at 3 in the afternoon until 11:00pm which gives me some sleeping time of less than 8 hours. The next day, more often than not, my energy and brain power function is at level 4 (or less) and would prefer to snuggle n' cuddle with my little boy and sing ABC or count 1-2-3, or watch him play with his blocks and Spiderman toy.

Since I have my house angels here and they wake up at about 5am, I let them take over the breakfast work mostly on weekdays... therefore on the table: tocino, tapa, ham, tuna guisado, sardinas guisado, luncheon meat, tender juicy hotdog or leftovers from yesterday.

God bless my heart, there are times when some magical intervention just happen to tickle my feet and sprinkle me some imaginary Extra Joss, so therefore I rise like a spring, head to the kitchen and come up with simple breakfast specials.

Along with my morning coffee or Choco Lava (Yes, John Lloyd, I am your fan), I would like to share with you some simple breakfast joys here at home...

Ham, Mushroom and Cheese Omelette

Pan Cake Syrup over French Toast and Honey Cured Bacon
...for some reason, I like this more than I like pancakes!

Arroz a la Cubana (my ultimate favorite!)

Rise and Shine! :-)

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